Carros com H: 29 Modelos de Automóveis que Começam com H (2024)

carros com a letra h

If you’re looking for cars with H , then you’ve come to the right place.

In the following topics, we present a very complete list of cars with the letter H that you can use in your next stop game.

So, continue reading until the end and find out more about vehicles that start with the letter H. Happy reading!

Some automakers have vehicles starting with the letter H in different categories. The models have the name of the manufacturer in parentheses.

See our list of these cars below:

  1.   HZ (from Holden);
  2.   HX (from Holden);
  3.   Hustler (from Hillman);
  4.   Huracan (from Lamborghini);
  5.   Hunter (from Hillman);
  6.   HT (from Holden);
  7.   HS (from MG);
  8.   HR-V (from Honda);
  9.   HR (from Holden);
  10. HQ (from Holden);
  11. Homer (from Nissan);
  12. HK (from Holden);
  13. 13. HJ (from Holden);
  14. Hilux (from Toyota);
  15. Hiace (from Toyota);
  16. Hijet (from Daihatsu);
  17. HG (from Holden);
  18. Herald (from Triumph);
  19. Healey (from Jensen);
  20. HD (from Holden);
  21. Hawk (from Studebaker);
  22. Hawk (from Hummer);
  23. Hatch (from Suzuki);
  24. Handi (from Daihatsu);
  25. H9 (from Haval);
  26. H8 (from Haval);
  27. H6 (from Haval);
  28. H3 (from Hummer);
  29. H2 (from Haval).

Discover some of the main car models with H

Keep in mind that cars are part of our culture and history in different ways. Therefore, check out some of the main car models with H.

Hijet (Daihatsu)

Hijet (Daihatsu)
Source: Tek Deeps

The Hijet model , from the manufacturer Daihatsu, is a pickup truck with a cabin and a minibus, sold and produced by the Japanese assembly plant since 1960.

Despite the similarities between the “Hijet” nomenclature and the systematization of names that Toyota uses for its vans and trucks (such as Hilux and Hiace), it has been used by Kei microvans and trucks for over sixty years.

In other words, Daihatsu operated for more than twenty years before Toyota took over the market leadership.

In fact, the transliteration of “Hijet”, from its original Japanese term, is very similar to the “dwarf”, that is, one of the other vehicles produced by the automaker.

In Japan, the Daihatsu competes with the Nissan Clipper, Suzuki Carry, Mitsubishi Minicab, Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar and Honda Acty.

The first Daihatsu Hijet to be manufactured received 1 2-stroke engine and 360 displacements, in accordance with the rules established in legislation at the time.

The development of this model served to monitor the evolution of Japanese regulations regarding Kei cars of the period.

There was also an increase in the external dimensions, which went from 3 m by 1.3 m to 3.4 m by 1.47 m.

Generally, versions intended for export tend to be considerably larger than bumpers and, occasionally, larger bodies are also fitted.

Production of the Daihatsu Hijet reached the 2 million unit mark in the 1980s.

Healey (Jensen)

Healey (Jensen)
Source: Wikipedia

The Healey model , from the manufacturer Jensen, reaches speeds of up to one hundred and ninety-two kilometers per hour, weighing nine hundred and sixty-five kilos.

Furthermore, the car is equipped with an atmospheric four-cylinder engine, powered by gasoline and with engine code 907.

This means that the engine is capable of producing, at 6,500 revolutions, one hundred and forty-two CV (maximum power), with a torque of 176 Nm at 6,500 rotations.

All this power is directly transmitted to the roads through the four-speed manual transmission. The traction type (RWD) is rear.

Regarding the specificities of the chassis – which account for the comfort and behavior of the vehicle in curves – the Healey has Double Wishbones and Coil Springs rear suspension.

So on the Healey rear suspension, the type is Dion Axle and Coil Springs. Furthermore, the model’s braking system has drums at the rear and discs at the front.

The model is a Cabrio type car, being sold and produced by the manufacturer Jensen since 1972.

Hilux (Toyota)

Toyota Hilux
Source: Motor1

The Toyota Hilux and the Tacoma model, from the same manufacturer, are compact vehicles produced and sold by the automaker, Toyota Motor Corporation.

The name Hilux was adopted as a way to replace the Stout in 1969, and has been used since then.

In the United States, the Hilux underwent a redesign in 1976 and, from 1995, a more popular package began to be distributed in all countries: the Sport Rally 5 Speed ​​(SR5).

Did you like these cars with H?

There are several car models that start with the letter H, as well as different brands and manufacturers. So, we hope you enjoyed the information.

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